Wilkins, John A
Mutant Hybrid

John Wilkins has been a web developer for a long time. In April 1993, he was one of the lucky few to use the very first graphical web browser, Mosaic 1.0, and he's been doing web development professionally since 1994. His CSS creds go back to 2001 when Jeffrey Zeldman said 「to hell with bad browsers」 and challenged web developers to take CSS layout seriously. In 2004, John finally learned how idiotic it is to build your own web application framework and discovered the power of Drupal; he never looked back.

In the Drupal community, he is best known as JohnAlbin, lead of the Drupal 8 Mobile Initiative, instigator of the Drupal 8 Twig Initiative, a top contributor to Drupal 7』s theme layer and the maintainer of the Zen theme, which is a highly-documented, feature-rich 「starter」 theme with a powerfully flexible CSS framework. He is also a co-author of the book, Drupal 7 Module Development. John currently works with a bunch of really cool Drupal developers and themers at