How we develop and operate Drupal website using Vagrant and Docker

Speaker 染田 貴志
染田 貴志
Tech Evangelist / Nulab

Nulab Developers ( ) is our website for developers who are using Nulab's API. Though we're familiar with WordPress to build our website, we adopted Drupal as the platform of our new developer's website since we have plan to provide discussion forum for developers and integrate Nulab Account - our single sign on service - with our new website and Drupal looks suitable to meet those requirements.

As we're totally fresh to Drupal, we begun to build environment that we can easily destroy and create again and again by using Vagrant. Then we have to avoid environmental problem happening in production systems so that we decided to use Docker. I'll share our experience of how Vagrant and Docker work with Drupal in our workflow and talk about current issues we have. Then I'd like to think ideal workflow with using those tool